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Windows 8 Phone features, Windows 8 for Mobile Phones & Tablets

Windows 8 Phone features, Windows 8 for Mobile Phones & Tablets

Windows 8 Phone features, Windows 8 for Mobile Phones & Tablets

With the competition getting strong between the OS phones of Microsoft, the Android and the Apple, Windows Phone 8 introduced by Microsoft recently during its summit events may just dominate the others a little. Comparing alongside the new iOS 6, WP8 can be a main adversary of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich and the Jelly Bean.
So, anyways as the WP8 features are explained by the Microsoft’s Engineers, let’s see how this next generation mobile has to offer and answer us “how well you are impressed with this Windows Phone 8?

Windows 8 Phone Features

Before we go on further into Main features of the Windows Phone 8, you need to know there is a lot of comparison between the Microsoft’s mobile OS and the other OS’s. Microsoft has developed Shared Windows Core making a compromise on the kernel, the networking system, the file system, even the multimedia, the graphics support too and some more others, were it is similar to various other Windows-based devices. The operating system of Microsoft’s either be it the mobile or the desktop is more inter-wined to the Android and the Chrome or the OS X or the iOS.

Microsoft has made the Shared Windows Core, making it easier of the developers, even the end-users and the last the hardware makers like it, as it makes it smooth and easy to transit from one Windows 8 to another W8 device.

Let’s see its Latest and the Greatest Hardware:

Microsoft has made certain changes in its hardware making sure its Window Phone 7 and WP 7.5 smart phones has imposed certain restraints on the present OEMs as this will be a good option where you can upgrade the software versions of WP devices in the near future, this means OEMs using the single-core processors on WP7 or the WP7.5 will offer only one kind of a display resolution.

The WP8 will be similar to the present Android and iOS devices with Microsoft supporting dual and multi core chipsets and with an addition to this Microsoft has offered two display resolutions which are, 1280 x 768 and 1280 x 720, with default display resolution being 800 x 480. It is a very good option for developers, where they can adapt their own option of graphics and will work on Old and New apps resolutions.

The WP8 users will be very happy as it will support upgrades through microSD cards. It’s good right?

Now let’s see Internet Browser:

As the world is advancing the internet is also, as browser experience is upgraded by better java scripting and with introduction of HTML5 it has put up a good option for the present browsers supporting it. Microsoft’s mobile browser, the new version for WP8 devices, the Internet Explorer 10 with the above upgrades is promised to put up speedy performances, with the SmartScreen Anti-Phishing being a new feature added to IE10 will block millions of malicious websites that to in real time.

This Microsoft browser will be faster compared to other products where it will put up good competition among Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple’s iPhone 4S and the last HTC One X.

The Gaming Experience:

Sharing common platforms on Windows 8 and WP8 the developers will be able to use their various apps on both the OS and even sell their creations to the W8 and the WP8 device owners. With the Native Code feature available with the Microsoft, developers can cool down as they are now no need for bringing iOS and Android platform products as the applications are in the WP digital store.

The Gaming experience will now be common on W8 and WP8 devices as these devices supports DirectX and gaming drivers of the rich graphics of apps and games will now work very smoothly on PCs and Phones too     

Sharing with NFC is it better?

With the NFC support, the developers are encouraged to use an additional interactive layer to their apps and what WP8 with NFC support do is, it not only be used for mobile payments but allows you to share stuffs between devices, hats off to field communication tech for this feature. And now users are a tap away from sharing their games and apps with others.

Heavy Wallet, is what you have?

Well Microsoft will ease your Wallet, as mobile payments will be a lot better for everyone and is ready to work with different carriers and providing solutions to mobile payments.

The WP8 will be supporting the credit and the debit cards and also adding up loyalty and membership cards while with all these things very much a good feature it also adds up the history of deals that you have attempted or purchased, a decent option for users to have. The Wallet Hub offers third party integration, when dealing with WP8 apps are purchased, but with carriers providing secure SIMs and enabling the NFC for mobile payments will empty your wallet that was full of banking cards. With the ISIS support coming in 2013, sharing of more details in this matter is kept secret by Microsoft.

The May Technology by Nokia?

Surprisingly, a map app is provided by Nokia to Microsoft next-gen mobile OS. While the WP8 Microsoft’s device, maps app supports the global NAVTEQ map data and offline maps will be integrated by a feature called “map control” for the developers and even has a turn by turn directions for WP8 apps. But 3D maps are a bit away for available now.

WP8 for your Business?

For business users WP handsets are not very popular, so Microsoft company has planned to provide that enterprise environment by putting up a business app in the WP8 which includes encryption, secure boot and line of business (LOB) app, supporting the device management. So this new office app by Microsoft in WP8 will come in handy to business users.

Finally the Smart Screen:

At a media event, Microsoft’s WP guru, an engineer called Joe Belfiore unveiled that WP8’s new Start Screen which uses Metro UI - live tile where users can customize these tiles by resizing it and even personalize according to their needs, well how did Microsoft do this? Well just put up few more random tiles to the Start screen making it look like a “Smart Screen” on the WP8.

Other Extra features:

The engineer from Microsoft, Belfiore did not reveal any more features but put up a surprise that there are more features added to WP8, as it is making more interesting. The release date was not confirmed, but we know that devices like Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Huawei are all among the OEMs that are to be launched with WP8 devices later. But the bad news for older versions like the WP7 and WP7.5 owners is that there will be no upgrades to WP8 OS version but instead can upgrade to WP7.8 version, but will bring the users some features of WP8 in them.

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